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Feb 12

ONE WAY OR ANOTHER PART 3 (A One Direction/ Justin Bieber Fanfic) xxx

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'Good Morning beautiful', I felt Niall giving me a kiss on the cheek. I was happy in every way. Having the best boyfriend ever who even wakes you up with a kiss on the cheek and nice words, everything in school was going well too and today we're gonna go shopping with Zayn and Perrie. 'Have ya slept well', I heard Niall saying from the kitchen. The perfect Irish sunnyboy was making breakfast for me. We ate it and then we dressed and drove to the shopping mall.

*At the Mall*

'After Topshop we need to get somethin to eat!', Perrie said and laughed. 'Oh ma gosh yeah I feel you I'm starvin! What do ya think of some really big ice cream?', I suggested. She aggreed and then she bit her lip. The boys were walking a few meteres behind us so they couldn't really hear us talking. 'Ashley can I like ask you something?! I mean we're like friends now right?!', at first she stuttered but then she began to gush. I laughed and said, 'Sure anything you want! Of course we're friends!', I smiled at her wondering what she wants. 'Well, you're quite young .. I mean only 14 like have you and Niall had sex yet?' I couldn't believe she asked that. Yeah, sure we're friends but it quite hurts me because I'm younger than him. I think I wasn't ready yet. I'm not sure myself … What if Niall wants 'it' so badly and he told Zayn and Zayn told Perrie?! What if he wants to leave me because of that?! 'Ashley?! I'm sorry I just shouldn't have asked that it was wrong and it's private I'm so sorry', she gushed. 'No it's okay to be curious!' I smiled at her weakly. 'No. No we haven't had sex yet … Perrie?! What if he's gonna leave me now?! I never actually really thought of that! It wasn't really a topic in our relationship and it's not important for me like we've only talked about this topic once and that was like 3 weeks after we got together! We were making out and he tried to open my blouse so I told him that I was a virgin and I wasn't ready yet! He accepted it and yesterday' I paused. 'Oh my god what happened yesterday?', she looked at me with her big blue eyes. 'Well .. he .. he got a boner' I looked at her sadly realizing that he probably wanted more and that I didn't see it and maybe I was the worst girlfriend ever … What if he's sad now?! 'Maybe it was jsut because …. Because he didn't have sex in a few months?!', Perrie obviosly wanted to comfort me but for some reason it didn't really work. We arrived at the ice cream parlour and ate our ice. Then Zayn said, 'Let's go to Victoria's Secret? Please! That'd be the first store me and Niall going in and help you lookin!' He winked at Perrie and I wanted to protest. I didn't really want to buy lingerie! But I agreed maybe I'll find something attractive.

*At Victoria’s Secret*

Perrie was in the changing room and tried on a few bras Zayn had brought her. Zayn was waiting outside the changing room and I was looking at some really nice underwear when suddenly Niall walked up to me. ‘Try these on babe?! Please for me?!’, Niall pleaded, holding some sexy black lingerie in his hand. ‘Okay but … I thought you like red underwear on girls?!’ I looked at him and he said, ‘Well I’m sure dark underwear will fit you much more!’, He grinned at me. His eyes filled with lust. But maybe that was just a missunderstanding or a part of my fantasy. I tried the lingerie on and whispered, ‘Yeah Niall it fits’ ‘Don’t show me! I wanna see it tonight!’, He gushed. To be honest I quite liked the lingerie and in the end I didn’t regret that we went with Zayn and Perrie. It was comfortable. ‘Niall knows what I like’, I whispered and licked my lips. ‘Maybe I’ll wear it tonight’, I thought to myself. ‘Maybe I’m gonna sleep with Niall, who knows. But I won’t do a lap dance or a striptease for him!’ I was 100% sure about my decision, dressed in my jeans and top and went out of the changing room.

We drove back home and through the whole ride Niall’s hand was on my thigh. And to be completely honest it quite felt good and I enjoyed it. 

**** NIALL’S POV***

I actually was glad that Zayn made the suggestion of going to Victoria’s Secret! I mean I really love Ashley with all my heart but I quite wanted to have sex with her. Maybe tonight who knows?! I  was also glad that Justin wasn’t with us today! He wrote Ashley a few sms lately and I’m just not happy about that. I really like Justin, he’s always been my idol and he’s a good friend but he seriously just needs to stop!

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Many kisses Bianca xoxoxo

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